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Peanut Butter Manufacturers in Gujarat

Our Products

Crunchy Peanut Butter

Natural Peanut Butter

Chocolate Peanut Butter

Creamy Peanut Butter

Crunchy Peanut Butter

Natural Peanut Butter

Chocolate Peanut Butter

Creamy Peanut Butter

If you are looking for a reliable source of peanut butter in Gujarat, the Pronut will fulfill all your needs. As one of the leading manufacturers of high quality peanut butter products we will cater to your taste and dietary needs. Under the registered brand name ‘Pronut’, Sunroot Botanical offers a wide variety of finest peanut butter products that are produced with premium quality, non-GMO peanuts along with high fibers and protein. We responsibly, generously and sustainably manufacture all our products. We are also highly committed to taking care of our customers and the environment. 

Quality and Ingredients

BRC (A Grade), Halal, Kosher, ISO-22000 has certified Our plant. Our products are certified by USDA, NPOP, EU— all organic standard certificates. USFDA has approved our peanut butter. We have carried out all the essential testing from internal and external laboratory suggested and legal needs of FSSAI. Peanut is the main ingredient in the manufacturing of butter. 

About Us

Gujarat is one of the leading producers of peanuts worldwide. Pronut leveraged this advantage by offering an array of fine quality peanut butter selections crafted from high-end, non-GMO peanuts rich in fiber and protein content. 

Directly sourcing the peanuts from farmers, we prioritized food safety and traceability. We are proud of making sure that our customers receive delicious products that are safe-to-consume. This commitment to food safety along with traceability pervades each stage of our production process. 

Our goal is to provide Our customers with products that exceed quality standards and also remain cost-effective. We manufacture our offering responsibly and sustainably focussing on customer well-being and environmental preservation.

Journey of Pronut

Miss Krima Nayak, is the owner of Pronut. In 2020 she first executed the idea of this company. But unfortunately, COVID-19 pandemic brought some limitations and We were unable to proceed with further work at our premises.

Once the restrictions of COVID-19 were lifted, the installation of machinery started and by the end of December 2022, everything was successfully complete. Our first production/trial happened in April 2023. 

Pronut is highly experienced in exporting organic peanut butter, tahini, spices, medicinal and botanical herbs. All these products go through processing at our certified facility located in India. We also directly source over 50 products from 15 various sources for the international food industry. 

Manufacturing Plant

Established in a 12000 sq ft area, the premises of Probut is located at Santej village, in Gandhinagar. We have a proper storage area for RM, FG and packaging material. We also believe in maintaining good hygiene practices, good storage and good manufacturing.

Why Choose Us?

Pronut peanut butter is packed with a wide variety of nutrients, making it a favourite among health-conscious individuals. It is popular for its exceptional health benefits, offering consumers the goodness of fine quality peanuts without any adulterants.

Authenticity is at the core of Pronut peanut butter. For those seeking the pure essence of peanuts. We stand as a reliable choice among peanut butter manufacturers in India. Our experts employ a blend of traditional and modern techniques to preserve the authentic taste and quality of peanuts, ensuring a truly satisfying experience.

Get indulged in the irresistible flavour of our peanut butter, crafted by one of India’s premier suppliers. We use specially selected peanuts and minimal ingredients to create a buttery delight that keeps consumers coming back for more.